Text by Virginia Lundgren

Hello and very warm welcome             

You, who are reading, most probably experienced sexual abuse yourself.
It may have happened in childhood or adulthood, you may remember, you may not.
Maybe you did not experience abuse yourself, but are (or was) in a close relation with somebody who had been exposed to sexual violence.

No matter who you are and where you are in your process, I deeply hope I can help you.
What I can offer is my own journey with all my breakthroughs and breakdowns.
The work of reconnecting physical, emotional and spiritual.

The liberating process from feeling distrustful to everyone, to an open self-confident woman. The transforming  of the constant feeling of unworthiness, of being dirty, the fear of being “revealed”, to the finding of me being immaculate and whatever there would be to reveal about me, I am happy to share if it is for the good.

For me it`s been the piercing through shame and guilt which finally healed my hole being: my spirit, emotion and psyche, my body and my sexuality. I do not either need to define myself anymore as a survivor, which also is a form of holding on to the past. I know you can liberate your-self from that as well.

There are no little or big traumas. Every trauma has impacts which we need to identify.
Physical Trauma can manifest in the psyche, as well as emotional traumas can settle in the body.
Sexual abuse and especially child-abuse impacts the whole being in many different forms. Therefore the healing process needs different forms and action. We need to understand our-self intellectually, getting in contact with our creativity, our body and emotions. We need to relearn to trust in our-self and our intuition.

There is no straight healing-line. There is a long list of symptoms connected to abuse which I listed further down. Those symptoms occurs irregular, so we can`t just check them off but try to work with what appears strongest in a period.

If you feel that I may can help you don`t hesitate to contact me either by mail or phone.

We can have our sessions via skype or zoom or in my shala in case you live close by, but also by phone or email.
We can see each other regular or occasional, just as it benefits you most.
It is also possible to book a lecture on the subject in general.

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Love and light to you and warm regards Virginia

Psychological impact
Low self-esteem, anxiety, panic attacks, substance abuse, self-hate, self-abuse behaviors, post- traumatic stress syndrome, low hygiene or over active hygiene behavior

Medical symptoms
Insomnia or constant sleepiness, vaginal and or pelvic pain, gastrointestinal and digestive distress
chronic headaches and backpain, dizziness/fainting, black outs, eating disorders, erection problems, chest pressure.

Sexual impacts
Sex feels like an obligation. Difficulties to get aroused, inner battles with thoughts and images during intercourse. Feeling dissociated while having sex, emotional distance while having sex, fear of being disgusting and having to check with yourself if your sexual behavior is appropriate or not. Feelings of guilt, fear, shame, disgust or being used when touched, feeling dirty afterwards and/or emptiness.  Over indulging in sex and or inappropriate behavior. Frenetic/violent masturbation in order to being able to sleep, which has nothing to do with self-loving masturbation and no judgement fantasies either.

 You are not alone. In the beginning of your journey you may feel you go crazy and lose your mind. Every one of us has been there.
That you are here on these site, no matter if you contact me or not, you are on your way to heal, how much pain you may suffer and how impossible it seems to walk through.

You are strong enough and you are definitely worthy.

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