Tantra (a very brief introduction)
Text by Virginia Lundgren

Both men and women are downtrodden by strict moral on one side and over-exposure of sex on the other. The natural trust between the sexes is deeply infected.

 In tantra the female and male energy is represented as Shakti and Shiva and the reunion of those energies. Somehow Shiva seems to be seen as the ultimate goal and “higher” than Shakti when it`s really not. Shiva and Shakti are inseparable and absolute equal.

As Shiva is consciousness he is the observer, but there would be NOTHING to observe without Shakti since Shakti is all there is, all what has been, and all what is to come.

All spiritual scriptures are united about that the realization about our true self only can happen as human beings, which is Shakti.
To put this as a question, does Shakti exist if she is not perceived/seen? And Shiva, pure consciousness can´t realize its consciousness since consciousness itself cant realize itself as such.

In both man and woman we have the feminine and the masculine qualities/aspects which we want to balance and unite. Through the patriarchal system both man and woman are downtrodden in their feminine divinity. This unbalance is mirrored in the world as total exploitation of the earth, wars  degrading and oppression of women. The by now deeply rooted distrust between the sexes is the root of all destruction.

There are to main sects in Tantra. The shaivanism and the Shaktas. Both with the same goal: to transcend. Common for both are the worshiping of deities*, mantras (magical songs), yantras and mandalas (magical circles). This is because we can´t liberate through our mind, it is far too limited to grasp the unknown.
However, the approach of these two is what differs. Where in shaivanism renunciation and withdrawl from the world as much as possible is practiced (here is practice of yoga involved), so the shaktas  advocate affirmation. Shaktas use and enjoy the world in order to comprehend and go beyond.

Tantra and Sexuality
If you google the word Tantra you will see that the most results are about Tantra and sex and very little about the other forms of Tantra rituals and practices. Sexualtity is just a tiny part of Tantra, which most people don´t know. 

Here I like to point out that tantra is not static at all, but the goal.

Tantra is aware that different times need different scriptures and every age will come up with new tantric texts as they are most needed and our times deepest soar lays in the misconception of just deranged view on sexuality.

Unconditional love cannot grow if we don’t completely love our-self. To love our-self we got to study our-self without denying any part of our being.
Even though we havn`t been sexually insulted we still carry wounds of millennia of church moral and oppressing as deep seated imprints in our subconsciousness.
Today that moral still exist at the same time where hardcore sex, mostly downgrading woman, co-exist.

In sexuality we can gain the trust back. In a playful way we can create space to experience ourselves through every belief, evolution and fantasies. As a matter of fact, imagination is the most potent tool of creation. Fantasies bring us in touch with our deepest  ”forbidden” desires and if we don`t address them we are likely to surpress which is NOT to confuse with withdraw.
The thing is we can´t withdraw from what we have not seen.
So one way or another we have to deal with sexuality if we want to expand spiritual.

The true meaning of tantra is as explained in the book Krya and yoga : to expand one`s experience and awareness of everything.

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