During a workshop you can deepen your skills in yoga - both for the beginner or the more advanced. A workshop gives a great boost in your yoga practise and rather often it is a total new experience after an intensive course.
Practisers from all yoga forms are welcome! We focus on alignement in asansas to prevent injuries on long term base. I teach ashtanga yoga but you can easily apply it in your own form. Both for practicians and also for yoga teachers!
A few times in a term I give a workshop for one or two days at my Yoga Center in Gnesta. 
I also give workhops/courses in other parts of Sweden. Please contact me for more information.


 Workshops on the way 2016 -  look below!
17th of april - 
one day workshop in Gnesta at the shala, kl. 8.00 - 13.00 including break with light food.
We go trough the whole first serie -. Chickitsa - as a led class, learning more about every asana (position). Then a long yoga nidra (relaxation) and also meditition, pranayama and mantra. 360Skr including everything.

7th-11th of August ( in swedish)
21st-25th October (in english)
Title of the workshop:
"To take philosophy to the mat and from there to your daily life"

This course will give you the knowledge about how yoga can help to expand your consciousness and how that makes you able to look through  your patterns of thinking and ideas about how you and the enviroment need to behave and act.

Just Asana can`t heal us but our capacity to attention and perception will.
Without reflection about the philosophycal aspects, not even the most refined technique can reveal all the dimensions of our existens.
We can pracitce both Asana and meditation for years and still just scratch the surface, or worse even turn away from truth.

There is a lot talk about yoga and happiness, but to reach true and lasting happiness we got to see the pain our own minds constantly create, only than can we let go and watch existence beyond the boundage of dualism.

If you are holding yogaclasses yourself you will get inspiration how to involve philosophy in an ongoing asanaclass.
The workshop fits to all kinds of yoga but complete beginners.

Course fee 3900 sek.  Limit number of 16 participants 

Courseschedule (with reservations for change)
 Daily 08.00 - 10.15
We gather and deepen in to parts of philosphy refering to Patanjalis Yoga Sutra and continue with a real slow asanapractice with main focus on how to shift consciousness to all bodyparts and remindings on the sutras we where talking about.
10.15 - 11.00
We expirience deep relaxation through yoga nidra and continue our yogapractice with pranayama and guided meditation.

11.00 - 12.30 lunchbreak

12.30 - 14.30 philpsophy and asanatechnique together. We explore asana and help each other to undestand the position. Also we bring in  the philosphy in our work on the mat.
More detailed schedule coming soon.

You are very welcome

Where to live/acomodation : 
 gnesta -150 meter from the shala, just by the beach of a lake where you can swim and paddle canoe. - Hotel 3 km outside Gnesta
There are plenty of private guesthouses to rent in and around Gnesta

Below pictures from the great workshop in 2014 that Virginia had

Observe! There are more photos under "news"!